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Our Offerings

We are happy to offer the following services to our community:


  • Sunday Celebrations. 

  • Women’s moontime teachings and honoring moontime rituals.

  • Men’s coming of age vision quest and ceremony.

  • Baby blessings before and after birth.

  • Transitioning to spirit world blessing and ceremony.

  • For couples: counseling, sweat ceremony, marriage ceremony, dissolving marriage ceremony.

  • Water purification ceremony using cold water for blessing and healing the self.

  • Spiritual and emotional counseling and education.

  • Drum journeys to help with digging into issues.


Holistic Healthcare:

  • Bodywork and healing modalities: relaxation massage, tuning fork vibrational therapy. 

  • Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing.

  • Drum therapy.

  • Amp Coil Vibrational Therapy.

  • BioSet: Biosensitivity and enzyme therapy.


Other Offerings:

  • Children’s Art Fun.

  • Learning about herbs and medicinal plants.

  • Essential oil use.

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