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Our Circle


Reverend Sue Nagle

Sue has a long history of study and practice of the use of natural, organic foods for my own personal health and working with others. I have studied and employed many modalities of healing and healthcare since 1983 which include: clinical nutrition, massage therapy, polarity therapy, sweat lodge therapy, fasting and praying/vision questing, wilderness training-survival skills and spiritual practice, bioset holistic healthcare-biosensitivity and enzyme therapy, tuning fork vibrational therapy, amp coil vibrational therapy, use of prayer energy work, psychology and medicine songs.


Destiny Laird 

Long time lover of Mother earth and friend of the Fairy Realm, Destiny is
a Mother of 3, Poet, Artist, and SEER. She weaves her wisdom, beauty and
Magic into all her creations and every aspect of her life. Her Knowledge
and depth of Life, Love and Playfulness make her a wise counsel, sourcing
deep from Spirit and Experience.

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Ani has extensive experience transforming energy. She works with the Etheric Field and your I Am Presence. Along with many Benevolent Light Beings. Ani is a Licensed Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister with years of experience in counseling and prayer treatments. She facilitates workshops on living in the Now helping you to get in touch with your I Am Presence that fosters growth in living from your authentic self. She also does guided meditation, private energy healing sessions assisting you to live in the Now from a place of unconditional love. It is Ani's heart's desire that we live in a world that is filled with Love and Light within the field of Unity Consciousness.

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